Intensive Outpatient SUD/CD Treatment

Sober Housing for Males & Females

Parenting Education & Free On-Site

Child Care

Parenting education and support is offered to all parents especially CPS or court-ordered parents. Special focus is placed on how using substances impacts parenting and children in all stages of development. FREE on-site child care is offered for all children while parents participate in treatment.

Sober housing is available for both males and females on a month-to-month basis for a small rental fee while receiving treatment services.  Living in sober housing allows for structure, support, guidance and resources for clients as they strengthen their recovery. Life Skills Management is offered to help rebuild lives and achieve the ultimate goal to transition from sober housing to independent housing with support.

Outpatient treatment is offered both day & evening in a variety of different levels to meet individual needs: 

-High Intensity- 25 hrs/5 days per week

- Regular Intensity- 9 hrs/3 days per week

-Continuing Care- 3 hrs/1 day per week

In addition, Relapse Prevention, DWI/DUI 

 and drug/alcohol education classes

are available. 

Domestic Violence Offender Counseling

Court-approved 36 hours domestic violence therapeutic counseling is offered to both male and female offenders in separate settings utilizing the nationally renowned STOP curriculum.  In addition, CBT skills are incorporated in correcting destructive and abusive behaviors to end domestic violence. Classes are co-facilitated by professionals with significant criminal justice education, training or experience.